_00B1117 1100 hoch-2I’m an Austrian born camera operator who is lucky enough to travel the world with what I’m best in and love doing – framing images.

I lived and worked in New Zealand, Great Britain, Germany and Austria and shot in many different countries all around Europe for documentaries, TV, commercials, short and feature films.

A few facts about me: born 1979 in austria; master in communications, University of Vienna; diploma in camera, lighting and sound, Auckland, New Zealand; steadicam workshop 2007, Manchester, UK; steadicam workshop 2012, Munich, Germany

I specialised in steadicam but keep on working as camera operator and photographer.

Being a cameraman is all about supporting the story with lighting, framing and movements. The camera helps to set the mood, draws the viewer in, gives clues, hides clues, leads the viewer and misleads him. The possibilities of good camera work and what it can do for a story are endless.